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2015 update

The late part of 2014 was very busy. My Jeep Grand Cherokee (2000 WJ) decided it didn’t like my way of driving off-road so it died. My wife was very gracious and “allowed” me to acquire (along with a bank) a used 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JKU), which actually works pretty well. I have a three year warranty, so the major challenges will be paid by the insurance company.  I plan to add a few upgrades each year until I have it “just right” for 4×4 travel.

In October I must have eaten something my body didn’t like because my blood pressure dropped to about 75/50. The bad part is I can’t remember most of the morning, but I do remember trying to pour a cup of coffee, which ended up everywhere but in the cup. The cup was broken and so was I. I spent four days in the hospital but the Doctor’s & Nurses still don’t know why my blood pressure went so low. I don’t remember much, but getting out of the hospital was a great relief.

Now it’s the middle of 2015 and my year is rapidly going by. I still go to the specialist’s but they still haven’t found any answers. Now I have a Heart specialist, a Neurologist, a Family Doctor, and a Lung specialist. The biggest challenge I have is finding the energy to get up in the morning. My wife thinks I’m lazy, but I think she might be biased since she is a morning person and I’m a night owl.

Today I commemorated my birthday. My wife is very upset since she doesn’t think I show any appreciation for the gifts. I do appreciate them, but I don’t get excited the way I did when I was ten or twelve. Tooooooo many birthdays in between.

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